Threads of the Nation


Acrylic on plywood, 2022 | Grand Scale

Width: 96 in | 8 feet

Height: 48 in | 4 feet

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About the Painting

Culture within. Entrenched. All around you. Part of you. You move within its values. It’s the mindsets whose ideas have conquered. The wars that weakened, that strengthened, that shaped. It’s the cultures that fought to stay, the ones whose culture screamed loudly for their place. The ones that learn the American way.

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The rest must prevail. For the good of the union. For the good of the people. The American way of life must remain hard. So that whoever arrives must go through a rigorous scale that measures the character’s weight. The way must be learned. Character revealed, character strengthen. Now you are able to provide, to fight for your pie, to look at the flag with pride. It ain’t fair but neither is life. The American way ain’t about making it easy for you but once you make it we take care of you. Bless the American way.